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Frequently Asked Questions

Just plug it in and turn it on!
For best results Super Trap should be placed three to four feet off the ground. This can be accomplished by placing it on a table or shelf.
Preferably switch on at 7pm or 40-60 mins before you go to bed. Best results are found when the room or said area is without any human presence.
The Super Trap attracts and kills many flying insects including mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, , wasps, hornets, moths, stink bugs, and more.
The retaining cage can be emptied once in a week or once in 10 days.
Twist the bottom anti-clockwise to open and clean away the retaining cage. You can clean it with dry cloth or soft damp cloth.



The Super Trap safely, quietly, and effectively reduces the population of mosquitoes and other flying insects without zapping or chemicals.
The Super Trap does not utilize any chemicals. You will not have any loud zapping noises, burning odors, or insect fragments scattered on the floor or ground. Just plug it in and turn it on for an hour in the dark.
The trap will begin to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects within an hour.
Mosquitoes are attracted to the LED light in Super Trap that glows in the dark.
Super Trap does not use, or emit any chemicals or pesticides so it’s completely safe around your pets and your family.



Super Trap works for an area of 250 sqft. Every room will need one.
1-2 hours, till they get completely dehydrated.
1 year replacement warranty for manufacturing defects. If the light or the fan stops working, you can send it to our registered office address. After checking, with 2 days, a replacement is couriered. No replacement is provided for physical damage or damage due to electricity fluctuation.