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About us

MNR brand is spearheaded by a group of entrepreneurs who have over three decades of experience in manufacturing of electronics, electrical appliances and plastics. The group leverages the accumulated manufacturing experience to deliver innovative and technology driven products to consumers, commercial establishments and households.



Mr. Rahul Bafna

Mr. Rahul Bafna is an Electronics Engineer and holds an MBA in Finance. His expertise lies in manufacturing, financial management, budgeting and controlling business plans. He has successfully raised capital and created a debt-free operating plant in the past and garnered an experience of over 2 decades in the industry.


Mr. Mehul Bafna

Mr. Mehul Bafna is a Commerce graduate and holds an MBA in Marketing. His expertise lies in areas of plastic production and tool development and his achievements include railways turnkey projects and copper tube conversion from metals to plastics. He has an experience of over 2 decades in the industry.

Vision & Mission

Become a pioneering Brand in the Pest Management Space with innovative products and technologies by 2020. To develop PFZ’s Pest Free Zones through the use of advanced technology by providing the consumer with a safe, hygienic and non-toxic environment.

our products

NoPest is a type of pest management system used to make your house a pest-free zone. It is a plug-in product that emits high-frequency ultrasonic sound waves, audible only to pests and rodents like rats, cockroaches, ants and spiders, thereby creating an acoustically hostile environment to force them out of your house.

Unlike conventional hazardous methods of pest management which use harmful chemicals to kill pests, NoPest is non-toxic and drives pests out of your house within a span of four weeks from the date of installation, thereby creating a Pest Free Zone which is relatively safe for you, your family and your environment.

The sound waves are inaudible to humans and family pets, hereby making the product absolutely safe. Since NoPest caters to a range of pests and not limited to just one, it is further classified into four broad categories.